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The 5 best edutech startups in Australia right now supporting teachers

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The United Nations marks October 5 every year as World Teacher’s day where all around the world, teachers are celebrated and remembered for their contribution to society.

Ahead of World Teacher’s Day, we have compiled a list of the best edutech startups supporting teachers in Australia right now.

  1. 3P Learning

3P Learning is a global online education company offering cloud-based resources for schools and students in grades K-12. The company provides a portfolio of digital education solutions to improve outcomes in subjects including mathematics and literacy guided by a mission to help students, families and teachers love learning.

3P Learning solutions are designed by educators for educators and serve millions of students and teachers in thousands of schools around the world.

The company’s continued dedication to education has positioned it as the top-ranked provider of online maths and literacy solutions in multiple regions including Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

  1. OpenLearning

OpenLearning has created a social learning platform that enables the authoring and delivery of online courses within a vibrant learning community. Deep and effective learning happens when students are being active – creating, discussing and reflecting – rather than simply memorising and repeating.

The platform is the first of its kind with a fun, empowering and social student experience at the heart of its design. Course creators are also given the tools they need to create a learning community, not just an online course.

OpenLearning works with over 400 organisations including leading universities, professional bodies, business and government and is also the national online learning platform in Malaysia.

  1. is a community of teachers sharing research-based and practical teaching and learning strategies in NESA accredited self-paced online courses.

The platform is a subscription-based service for K-12 teachers which allows them to easily complete their Teacher Identified Professional Development units all in one place. Due to its social learning model, teachers can also give and receive feedback from fellow colleagues.

By curating, modifying and sharing strategies for learning, teachers can improve student outcomes and grow their own professional community.

  1. Educator Impact

Educator Impact’s mission is to support teachers, leaders, and support staff in schools to drive student outcomes.

EI has developed evidence based frameworks for best-practice in education tailored to suit all professions within a school. Using the technology, staff are able to develop skills against these frameworks using 360 degree feedback and goal setting and achievement. However, the platform doesn’t stop there. It also allows participants to plan and track their progress to drive continual improvement.

EI is currently used in over 400 schools across Australia.

  1. Ed App

Ed App offers a unique mobile-first learning management system designed for today’s digital habits. It delivers engaging and effective on demand micro-lessons directly to users devices, anytime, anywhere.

Teachers can use this mobile-first learning solution to break up learning content into easy digestible bite sized pieces and then test their students with engaging games and rewards.


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