Monday, September 21

Aussie start-up Birde expands its online and retail footprint

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Birde, the creators of the world’s first smart media player for children, has today announced it’s spreading its wings – bringing on new major retailers who are embracing the edu-tech offering – with Birde now available from Kidstuff, BooktopiaHarvey Norman, Amazon Launchpad and the experiential pop up Litmus Lab at Myer Sydney.

Litmus Lab showcases innovative digital consumer products from Australia and overseas and allows customers to try before they buy whilst Amazon Launchpad is a platform specifically created to showcase entrepreneurial products that make the grade.

Launched in late 2018, Birde is an Australian-developed smart media player designed to give Australian parents more control over what content their children are consuming. It allows young children to listen to audiobooks, music, and watch videos safely by streaming their favourite content through small tokens called Birde Seeds which are place against the speaker to listen to audiobooks, music and more.

The idea took flight when Australian parents Daniel and Leah Corkin were worried about how easily their three kids could be exposed to inappropriate content on devices such as tablets and phones. Birde also acts as a ‘walled garden’, removing the risk of them being exposed to inappropriate content, excessive advertising and too much screen time. Controllable via the Birde Parental app (available on Apple and Android devices), it allows parents to control usage and manage the system.

Up until now, the innovative Birde consoles have been available online at Birde’s official website, as well as major Australian retailers’ including Myer Online, Bing Lee, Leading Appliances, Betta Home Living and Leading Edge Electronics.

“We are extremely pleased and humbled by how well Birde is being received by both retailers and consumers alike. To be stocked in such major online retailers means that it’s easier for parents, and gift givers to access Birde and provide their children with a tool to encourage them to independent play and learn, while giving them total peace-of-mind that their children are accessing safe content,” said Leah Corkin, co-founder of Birde.

While continuously growing the seed library with new entertaining and educational content – from songs to shows to movies – Birde is now excited to announce they have added to their offerings in the form of tap and play animated books. The first collection is ‘Funky Chicken’ by celebrated Australian author, Chris Collins. These wonderful hardback picture books that children are already know and love have a special Birde icon attached to the cover that brings your child’s book to life. Users just have to tap the Birde symbol on the book to the Birde console and instantly a child will be able to read along while listening to the author narrate the book.

“In today’s world, books have taken a backseat to some degree, with tablets, TVs and the latest technology all becoming the primary ways children – and adults – keep entertained.

“We wanted to ensure that books, and reading, continue to be enjoyed by children, audio books also help children develop phonics and we were keen to integrate them into the Birde ecosystem”, she added.


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