Tuesday, September 22

Canva acquires Zeetings to give presentations new life

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Online design and publishing platform, Canva, today announced the completion of its acquisition of Zeetings, an online interactive presentation tool, to help achieve the vision of making it easy for everyone to design incredibly engaging presentations.

Since its launch in 2015, Zeetings has been used by more than 1 million people in over 50 countries. The smart presentation tool adds interactivity and analytics to presentations, such as polls, surveys, and group chats, to enable participants in meetings, training sessions, workshops and events to actively participate from their own smartphone, tablet or computer.

Melanie Perkins, CEO and co-founder at Canva said the Zeetings team had grown a fantastic business centered on giving people a new way to engage their audiences with a platform to participate in otherwise one-directional presentations.

Melanie said, “Together we will be able to deliver a full suite of rich, interactive experiences to power the future of presentations, and put an end to death by Powerpoint.”

Melanie explains, “In an age where the prevalence of mobile devices continue to grow, more and more people expect to use their devices as a medium to connect. Contrary to popular belief, smartphones, tablets and laptops are not distractions; they can actually be used to encourage audience participation.”

Millions of presentations have been designed on Canva since the launch of the design tool in 2013, with a range of templates tailored for a variety of industries, professions and needs such as marketing, business updates, social media graphics, pitch decks and training material.

Canva Acquires Zeetings - Zeetings Founder

Zeetings CEO and co-founder Robert Kawalsky, who will be joining Canva, said having the two companies come together made a lot of sense as they both shared the same vision for the future of presentations, and empowering people to achieve their goals through better visual communication.

“We launched Zeetings three years ago with the simple idea that if we could transform presentations from one-way monologues into two-way conversations, we’d be able to unleash the collective genius of everyone in the room.”

“Gone are the days when people relinquished their time with boring presentations. Canva and Zeetings are providing a way to break free from the dinosaur age with more engaging presentations, real-time feedback and analytics, so that we can start having more diverse thinking and meaningful conversations. It’s a win-win for the presenter, and the audience.”

Zeetings customers include BMW, EY, Deloitte and HP, and locally Woolworths, CSIRO and the Australian Stock Exchange. Zeetings is also in use in two thirds of Australian universities. In 2017, the company was recognised by Westpac as one of 200 Businesses of Tomorrow.



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