Monday, April 22

Cars & Co Is A New Startup That Wants To Help You Get The Best Deal On A New Car

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Cars & Co, a Sydney based company headed by Shervin Kalimi, is determined to help at least 10,000 people buy a new car for the best price possible before the end of the year.   It is a huge target but Shervin is focused on reaching this audacious goal.

“That’s our target and we are determined to hit it,” Shervin Kalimi, CEO and company spokesperson of Cars & Co, said today.

“It means we are going to help 10,000 people avoid disappointment and instead experience the ‘oh yeah’ feeling.

“How often to do you hear about people who have bought a new car only to find that they could have purchased it elsewhere for less, or that they couldn’t quite afford the car they wanted so they have had to compromise on what they were after.

“I am so sick of hearing stories like this and this is the main reason why I decided to set up Cars & Co and become a ‘car buyer’s buyer’ because I wanted to help people to achieve a good outcome in the car industry.  

“Getting the right car for the right price is about having the industry knowledge and contacts to be able to achieve the best deal possible.

“Having worked in the industry for so many years, I have developed an expansive network of contacts in dealerships across the country.  

“This means we are really well placed to find the right car for the right price and ensure the car has worked through all the necessary checks and balances – whether it be a new or used car.

“Importantly, we also provide buyers with assistance in relation to car selection.  Some people are really surprised to find that the car they want is considered mechanically problematic or less fuel efficient that other like models.”

While each state and territory across Australia has laws which govern the sale or vehicles, according to the ACCC, you cannot get a repair, replacement or refund if you change your mind, damage the car, discover a better deal elsewhere or not follow the seller‘s advice that the car wouldn’t suit your needs.

“Cars & Co not only helps people buy the right car, we also guarantee we will get it for the best price.  As an example, a lot of people go direct to a dealer when a new model is launched and either have to wait for their new vehicle to arrive to drive away in a car without any discounts.  In most cases, we get the car straight away and with a significant discount,” Shervin added.

“Our fleet discount enables us to get the best deal and pass on the savings to our customers.  There is no cost for our service because we get paid a referral fee from the winning dealership.

“Whether you need to purchase a car or sell your car as a trade in, we help our customers to get the best possible price on both sides of the deal so they end up with more money in their pocket and the car they wanted.

“Our service is so easy.   You simply tell us what car you want and we will find it for you, for the best price.  Simple.”


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