Wednesday, September 23

Welcome To Day One, A New Podcast Covering Startup Stories in Regional Australia

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For the last several years thirty-two-year-old Adam Spencer has dreamed of starting a podcast that would demonstrate the incredible grit and diversity of regional startups and entrepreneurs in Australia. Now, it’s all happening. In early March the new podcast, Welcome To Day One goes live.

“I was working a few different day jobs, but I spent my free time seeking out creative people who were doing amazing things. The idea of being an entrepreneur is so intriguing to me. I guess I’m one myself now, but what really sparks my curiosity is other people’s stories of failure, success and perseverance.”

After years of cultivating his idea, speaking with entrepreneurs and researching podcasts, Spencer has launched a podcast featuring up-and-coming people changing the regional startup world for the better.

Now, the first 15-minute-episodes are live. They featuring stories from different founders including Justin Hales of Camplify, Jessica Koncz of Crave Newcastle and Sahil Harriram of Elite Robotics.

“Each entrepreneur has a completely different story, but they aren’t alone on their journey. There are lots of other regional entrepreneurs and founders out there struggling with the exact same challenges,” Spencer says. 

He’s been working on it since early 2017 when the initial idea struck, and in December 2018 he received financial backing from the University of Newcastle’s Integration Innovation Network (I2N), a co-working space for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises. I2N will help him source inspiring entrepreneurs for the podcast. That’s just a start, Spencer is looking to cover stories from regional startups and entrepreneurs from Bega, Armidale, Byron Bay and everywhere in between.

The podcasts are free and Spencer plans to keep them this way. Not only is he passionate about sharing people’s stories, but also he’s excited about the long term opportunities that Welcome to Day One could bring to regional Australia’s innovation ecosystem.

“I want to share people’s startup stories both locally and nationally,” Spencer says. “I’m hoping that this podcast resonates with other regional entrepreneurs, but I also think each episode will be universally enjoyable because they are stories of thinking creatively and overcoming adversity. When you see successful people, you never know what they’ve gone through to get to where they are. Listeners are interested not just in success, but also the journey to it, starting from day one.”       

Listen to the first three podcasts


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