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DocHive – A Personal Law Firm in your Pocket

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DocHive is a new Legal-Tech Startup that aims to democratise access to legal services and information by providing a “personal law firm in your pocket”. Co-Founded by Callum and Keedan Punch DocHive has a vision to create a full-fledged legal services provider via chatbots and Facebook Messenger. DocHive has both a B2B and B2C component that can enhance the potential of existing law firms, as well as provide services direct to the consumer.

The company launched in early October and partners with law firms and legal professionals who then deploy the DocHive IQ bot on their website and into their existing workflow. Customers who then engage with the bot can order personalised legal documents in an interface that has been designed for simplicity.

The DocHive IQ bot can also be used for initial client engagement and lead development. Using the DocHive IQ bot in this fashion allows the law firm to reduce the amount of time employees spend on collecting client details and the initial information about their requirements. The bot can then initiate the process for things such as Trademark registrations or schedule meetings for more detailed matters such as civil disputes.

In addition to facilitating engagement with law firms and producing personalised legal documents, DocHive are also utilising their technology to create automated dispute resolution processes for things such as parking fines. As Callum went on to state:

“using the DocHive chatbot to automate the fine dispute process allows us to immediately demonstrate the value of engaging with the platform. For many potential users they don’t have the time or experience of disputing parking fines. As a result they immediately opt to pay the fine and are left hundreds of dollars out of pocket. DocHive can change that. It’s designed to be easy to use and in just a few minutes users can have a response to send that disputes the fine, potentially saying them hundreds of dollars in the process”.

Over the next few weeks DocHive will continue to roll out additional functionality and services. One of the next features to be rolled out is the “Answers” platform that will allow users to get answers to common legal questions. According to Callum “one of the biggest barriers to engaging a law firm is knowing where to start. Out answers platform will provide an introduction to this world and allow users to ask questions ranging from basic information requests right up to complex queries via our chatbot. Democratising this process and making access to the legal profession is one of our core goals and we see the answers platform as a key cog in closing the loop and making access to legal advice accessible.”

Looking further to the future DocHive seems a system that covers all aspects of law. To find out more about DocHive and the services they currently offer you can visit their website.


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