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EditMate: An Easy Way For Businesses To Create More Video

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In a world where we are constantly bombarded with content trying to catch our attention, organisations need new ways to engage with their audience.

While video has been recognised as one of the most effective ways to do it, businesses are still faced with a high barrier to entry when it comes to planning and executing a video strategy. Compared to writing a blog post or sharing a photo, producing compelling video content takes a larger amount of time and resources than most modern marketers have.

Here to solve that problem is EditMate, an online video collaboration platform that makes it easier than ever to create professional videos. Think of it like having an in-house video team, but online and at your fingertips.

The company was founded by Rachel King and Scott Stratford in 2016 after they saw a growing demand for affordable video. The duo predicted that video capabilities in mobile phones would only keep improving (they were right) and that soon brands would be able to source footage from their global community. They designed the EditMate software and service so businesses can create content that not only engages a brands real network but also allows them to produce a higher volume of video than ever before.

3 years later, high quality camera phones are now ubiquitous and EditMate’s innovative tools are allowing marketing teams around the world to create video content that activates and amplifies their employees, customers and fans.

“Our platform utilizes some of the most interesting trends in marketing at the moment: user-generated content and mobile video” says Stratford “but it’s built for businesses that want to have full control over their content to make sure it’s on-brand, worth sharing and aligned with their objectives.”

The platform is simple to use and easy to navigate. Brands invite their community to film mobile clips for specific projects, or they can submit videos that they’ve either shot themselves or just want to re-purpose. Uploaded videos can be reviewed and rated then a professional Video Editor is assigned to projects with the click of a button.

King explains, “We didn’t want to create a new technology that just adds to a marketers to do list. We wanted to do the full job for them. Our editing service ensures that EditMate is an end-to-end solution that actually makes your job easier. Many of our clients have told us that it’s like their secret weapon, enabling them to take their marketing to the next level without blowing up their budget.”

Unlike other freelance platforms where you have to spend hours sifting through thousands of video editors and praying their reviews are real, EditMate takes all of the hassle out of that process. EditMate only works with a select group of professional Video Editors who have at least five years of editing experience and are working full time in the industry.  

“We designed our workflow so both our clients and Editors feel like they’re working with a boutique post-production agency. I’m a big believer in the value of human creativity and the art and skill that goes into video post-production.” explains King.

Once a video has been cut, a chat box allows for quick communication between the Video Editor and user. Two rounds of revisions are included in every project and the editing service also can provide voiceovers in any language or accent, custom graphics, animations, subtitles, captions, audio clean up, color correction and royalty-free music. Once the final version of the video is approved, it can be shared directly to a brands social channels or downloaded to use anywhere.

EditMate is seeing brands engage with customers who are sharing what they love about a new product, fans uploading clips from events and festivals and even members of the corporate C-suite sharing company-wide updates.

According to Stratford, “I’ve seen quite a jump in businesses using us to engage with their staff internally, especially those that have offices in multiple locations. They’re using mobile video to highlight their company culture, train new staff, recruit new employees and promote graduate programs in a more candid and informal way.”

Originally launched in Stratford’s hometown of Auckland, New Zealand and later expanding into the American market via Boston, USA  where King originally hails from — the team has picked up clients in both hemispheres. Their current client list includes highly recognised brands across Australia and the globe including Adobe, Nestle, Fonterra, HelloFresh, nib Health Insurance, Fletcher Building and Fairfax Media just to name a few. To keep up with the demand, they now offer Team and Enterprise subscriptions for businesses that want to regularly produce multiple videos each month.

As the need for video continues to grow, businesses around the world will require innovative solutions and the founders of EditMate see the current iteration of their technology as just the beginning: “Considering how much cloud technology, mobile phones and social media has evolved in the past 10 years, there’s plenty of room for growth in the video marketing space” says King, “We’re just started”.
To learn more about EditMate’s cloud collaboration platform and video editing service or subscribe to their marketing blog, you can visit their website here.


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