Tuesday, September 22

EnergyLab partners with the Tasmanian Government and Definium Technologies to build a Smart Energy Accelerator that will rapidly prototype and trial new smart energy, smart city, and IoT products in Tasmania

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EnergyLab has partnered with advanced electronic design and manufacturing company, Definium to help smart energy and smart city startups go from an idea to deploying a new IoT product in just three months.

Only run once and starting February 3, the EnergyLab Smart Energy Accelerator is an intense prototyping sprint to develop, iterate and deploy IoT solutions. Participants will receive technical support from Definium and business coaching from EnergyLab to bring to life their smart energy or smart cities idea, develop fully functional prototypes, and trial it with local partners. Thanks to the support from the Tasmanian Government, EnergyLab’s Smart Energy Accelerator is entirely free.

It is great to have EnergyLab coming to Tasmania to develop the Australian first combined Energy and IoT hardware start-up accelerator to help take local ideas to the next level.” said Michael Ferguson, Tasmanian Minister for Science and Technology.

The program will run in the city of Launceston in Tasmania, Australia. With a state-wide LoRaWAN network (think WiFi for the internet of things) that the participants will be able to utilise and a wide range of supportive local partners, Tasmania is an ideal location to trial smart energy and smart city solutions. The natural beauty of Tasmania will also be an asset to attract not only startups from all over Australia but from all over the world.

It is exciting that EnergyLab is bringing direct access to their international energy and business networks to Launceston. These networks and their combined global talent, will provide valuable partnering and collaboration opportunities for those trying to break into this rapidly growing marketplace.

We are particularly excited about how EnergyLab will reach out to, support and inspire local entrepreneurs and innovators and help strengthen Tasmania’s credentials as the clean energy state and cradle of new technology.” said Michael Ferguson, Tasmanian Minister for Science and Technology.

The program participants will be able to access Definium’s advanced manufacturing facility, featuring a suite of electronics assembly capabilities to suit any job. In addition to direct access to Definium’s lab, the entrepreneurs will also benefit from Definium’s hands-on training and support to turn their ideas into fully-functional IoT prototypes.

“Definium is dedicated to building a technology ecosystem in Tasmania. Partnering with EnergyLab to create this accelerator allows us to facilitate further growth in this sector to form the foundation of a long-lasting ecosystem. We certainly hope this is only the first of many such opportunities in Tasmania.

We are very excited to be able to participate in this program as well as provide access to the statewide IoT networks we’re building in Tasmania. We’re interested to see what people come up with!”, said Mike Cruse, Chief Executive of Definium Technologies.

During the program, everything will be put in place for the IoT solutions to be translated into tangible outcomes and deployed successfully in a commercial context. The participants will attend one-on-one sessions with local partners to explore potential trial deployments.

While this novel program differs from EnergyLab’s Acceleration Program in other states by being shorter and solely focused on IoT, the vision to accelerate clean energy uptake in Australia remains the same. IoT is an important element of the emerging field of ‘smart energy’ that is making our energy consumption, storage and generation more sustainable, reliable and affordable. 

“Some of the most promising energy startups are deploying IoT solutions” said EnergyLab CEO, James Tilbury. “By launching this program we’re hoping to help create more successful startups like EnergyLab alumni Powerpal and Ohmie“.


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