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GoMicro Aims to Combat Pests and Diseases using Artificial Intelligence

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  • GoMicro is using AI to solve agricultural problems before scaling their technology into healthcare and education.
  • This technology will be used initially to identify and combat the Queensland fruitfly which causes an estimated economic loss of AUD$300 million per year.
  • GoMicro is now seeking $52,000 to launch the AI app to market after already having sold 2000 microscopes.

GoMicro is on a mission to cut the cost and time of identifying pests and diseases through 3D printed clip-on smartphone microscopes and an artificial intelligence driven app.

GoMicro spawned out of the New Venture Institute at Flinders University, Adelaide with a mission to disrupt the education sector, where old world equipment dictates work practices, despite the rapidly advancing sensor and computational capabilities in everyday mobile phones. GoMicro developed and manufactured 3D printed clip-on phone microscopes to pair with Google’s Tensorflow AI-engine for analysis.

Through this journey, GoMicro realised the technology they had developed had an immense opportunity in identifying pests and diseases which at present require costly and time-consuming laboratory testing and have spread rapidly due to globalisation.

GoMicro is currently harnessing their technology to identify and combat the Queensland fruitfly which has a devastating impact on Australian Horticulture, causing an estimated economic loss of AUD$300 million per year. An initial trial conducted by GoMicro indicated accuracy exceeding 90% in detecting Queensland fruit flies vs regular flies.

Kym Perry from the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) quoted: “GoMicro is a fantastic new tool for farmers and agronomists to assist with identifying pests and beneficial insects in field crops”.

GoMicro’s goals extend beyond agriculture, with ambitions to expand into other fields that require magnification such as healthcare and education. GoMicro’s microscopes have previously been used to detect Leishmaniasis in war-torn nations and in schools as a teaching tool.

Behind GoMicro is a leading team of engineers and advisors led by Sivam Krish (CEO). Sivam holds a PhD from Cambridge University in Engineering and BEng from MIT. He has been a leader in emerging technologies for over 20 years and was a pioneer in 3-D printing in the early 2000s and artificial intelligence in more recent years. GoMicro’s traction to date includes selling over 2000 microscopes and featuring on Channel 7 News, The Advertiser and The Lead

GoMicro is currently raising funds to continue development of their AI app towards commercialisation through AgCrowd, an equity crowdfunding platform for the agricultural and energy sectors.

GoMicro’s equity crowdfund on AgCrowd is now overfunding, having exceeded their $20,000 funding goal with 147% of funds now invested and only a week to go. Additional subscriptions will be taken up to a maximum of $52,000.

AgCrowd supports companies with more efficient fundraising and provides investors with access to growth companies and alternative assets in the agricultural and energy sectors.

You can access GoMicro’s equity crowdfunding offer here.


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