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GroceryGetter Outlines That Customer Experience Is Key As They OnBoard Users & Begin Generating Revenue

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GroceryGetter aims to eliminate the hassle of finding the best prices and specials on groceries near you. Founder by Shawnjit Singh and Mussa Khan in 2017 the mobile app allows you to enter your grocery list to find out where you can save the most money.

According to the company users can save up to 30% off of their regular grocery bill by optimising where they choose to shop. For customers who prefer to have everything handled for them GroceryGetter will also deliver your order direct to your door.

Currently the company services a number of regions throughout Sydney, but within the next six months they also plan to expand into Melbourne and by the middle of next year cover both Canberra and Brisbane.

Reflecting on the growth of the company to date Mussa said that “the idea sparked a thought in Shawnjit’s head back in 2016. In June 2017, a landing page was built and development of the MVP was underway”.

Six months later and GroceryGetter launched their MVP in February 2018. While user acquisition was strong the company found that the customer experience was lacking. In fact, this is their biggest lesson for other startup founders. Mussa highlighted that “customer experience is what makes or breaks a product. Consumers are now so accustomed to digital products that run smoothly we no longer have appetite for text-only pages with bad formatting or apps that crash or fail to load”.

Because of this the GroceryGetter team leveraged UI/UX Designers and other people with experience in the space and launched the V2.0 of their product at the start of June. In just four short weeks they have become a revenue generating startup and reaffirmed their belief that they are solving a major problem.

In addition to nailing the customer experience within the app GroceryGetter has found engaging with potential users in Buy/Sell/Swap and “Mum’s groups” on Facebook to be a key way of driving early user acquisition and gaining valuable feedback.

With the app dialed in and revenue starting to flow GroceryGetter is focused on expanding their operations throughout Sydney while continuing to grow and develop their user base through organic marketing and word of mouth recommendations.

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