Wednesday, November 25

Kado Muir determined to grow entrepreneurialism across Indigenous community

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Kado Muir wants to help First Australians to become more actively involved in the economy and commercial world by following their passion as entrepreneurs – or as Kado says, ‘firstpreneurs’.

A highly experienced and respected social entrepreneur, activist, speaker and cultural authority, with a love for all things business, Kado Muir has founded Blak Biz, a specialist consulting business, to help emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs become a part of Australia’s economy.   Blak Biz also assists the business and government sectors to build their cultural capacities and develop and implement meaningful policies and programs.

“I am inspired by a desire to close the gap by building a social enterprise ecosystem to mentor, coach, network, and fund First Nation entrepreneurs so they are supported and have a go.” Kado explained.

Coming from a tribal nomad family, Kado understands how difficult it can be for some First Nation Australians to learn about how to succeed in business.   He understands the need for a social enterprise ecosystem that can help guide and support First Australians in their business journey.

Kado established Blak Biz to provide First Australians (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) peoples with practical hands-on support and assistance to set up and grow their business.    The federal government, along with other state, territory and council governments have implemented ‘Indigenous Procurement Policies’ to ensure a minimum percentage of products and services purchased are sourced from Indigenous businesses.   Through Blak Biz, Kado is assisting First Australian entrepreneurs and businesses to participate in these programs.

“I am really enjoying blending my business knowledge with my social justice passion to pursue my goals of assisting Australian Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples,” Kado added.

“It is really important for the progress of our nation that everyone has the opportunity to be involved in our economy.

“Blak Biz offers a suite of tools to assist First Australian entrepreneurs to develop their own skills and capabilities, learn from others and connect with the business community.   Capacity building is essential for participation and entrepreneurial success.

“I am keen to see my mob do business built on our cultural assets – country, culture and community.”


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