Wednesday, September 23

Learn how 90+ entrepreneurs overcame uncertainty and lack of resources to build multi-million dollar startups, from scratch

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The Bootstrapping Summit is the first of its kind to document the journey of over 90 entrepreneurs who started with nothing and grew multi-million dollar startups.

The founders will share their lessons learned from failures and how they relied on their resources to validate their ideas and build scalable and fundable startups.

In particular, you’ll learn some serious insider stories, strategies and secrets from entrepreneurs, marketers, programmers, side hustlers, freelancers and influencers who built multi-million dollar companies and brands.

Like how to:

  •         Pre-sell Ideas Before Building The Product
  •         Build A Network & Create a Snowball Effect Around Your Product Launch
  •         Build Relationships With Key Influencers In Your Space
  •         Start With Side Projects & Turn Them Into Full-Time Ventures
  •         Raise Funds & Validate Ideas Through Affiliate Partnerships
  •         Minimize Costs & Validate Ideas Without A Product
  •         Be Patient, Deal With Uncertainty & Focus On Long Term Results
  •         Connect The Dots About What It Takes To Start & Build Thriving Online Business And Startups

Abdo, the event creator, who’s been involved in bootstrapping several startup and online businesses over the years said,

“I’ve been in business for years and I personally cannot believe I waited this long to get the insights, hear the stories and learn from the experience of others in a truly transformational way.

Best of all, the whole program is put together so that you can go through it and start to implement the tips and strategies, step by step. This will help you connect the dots and move faster, spend less and get results quicker.”

The Bootstrapping Summit is completely FREE to attend live. Plus, you’ll also get direct live access to entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketers and influencers with a journey building different types of products and services and many lessons learned to share.

It’s free to attend when you sign up here.


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