Friday, February 28

Melbourne mobile storage startup helping to green up Victoria

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Newly launched mobile storage business, GreenBox Storage, is not only providing Melburnians with a convenient way to declutter, it is also helping to save the environment through an innovative ‘tree planting’ initiative.
According to GreenBox Storage co founder Paul Mawdsley, “if we keep treating the planet the way we are, we are not going to be around to store anything, because we’ll all be dead.”
While Paul’s message is stern, it is backed up by green action. GreenBox Storage has partnered with Carbon Neutral to help reduce their carbon footprint in Australia. As a result, every GreenBox (storage unit) is built and stored in their secure carbon neutral facility and for every GreenBox delivered, GreenBox Storage plants a tree in the Yarra Yarra biodiversity corridor. Customers are then provided with the option to purchase the planting of a tree(s) each time they have their mobile GreenBox moved to a different location, to help reduce harmful carbon emissions.
“When we launched GreenBox Storage we wanted to really live our values by helping other people to be green as well,” Paul Mawdsley added.
“Everyone needs to move at some point, so we thought, why not create a mobile storage solution that makes people’s lives easier and helps the environment too – and so GreenBox Storage was born.
“The business is growing so fast, we have already had to move from Carrum Downs to a 2, 500 square metre warehouse in Dandenong to keep up with the growth.”
According to the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy, Australian households are responsible for around 12 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.
The department says over the past seven years, it has seen a trend of Australian households taking steps to reduce their emissions. Buying fuel efficient cars and appliances and supporting businesses that have reduced their greenhouse gasses, are some of the measures the Australian government says households are using to reduce their environmental footprint.
Paul Mawdsley explained “GreenBox Storage’s decision to focus on ‘green schemes’ with the aim to reduce carbon emissions of people seeking mobile storage solutions, was a decision made due to the rise of mobile storage demand.”
A recent IBISWorld report showed that Australia’s self-storage industry is worth approximately $1.1 billion per year and is expected to grow at a rate of 3.7% over the next five years, to reach $1.2 billion.
The study says the market’s growth is driven by people in need of short period storage solutions while they relocate for work or study. This suggests the demand for mobile self storage will continue to grow.
Paul Mawdsley says “his GreenBox Storage co founder Andrew Murphy’s environmental history was the second reason they opted to focus on helping Australians go green.
“Andrew was a tour guide in Western Australia. 10 years of working directly in the Australian landscape and seeing first hand why Australians need to reduce their impact on Australia’s unique ecosystem has helped carved Greenbox Storage’s carbon reduction emissions focus.
“Australians are responsible and understand the need to protect our unique environment. We believe Melburnians will continue to choose us for their mobile storage needs because we are genuinely committed to helping the environment and we are proving this with our proactive approach.
“A lot of businesses make a lot of warm fuzzy motherhood statements and do nothing, but we are actually taking action.”
While in the early stages, the company expects to see continued growth due to Australia’s mobile storage needs and its customers’ wish to reduce their carbon footprint on Australia’s unique ecosystem and landscape.
GreenBox Storage provides GreenBoxes to homes and businesses which are the size of a standard carpark,and once filled, can be stored on site or at GreenBox Storage’s secure storage facility. The GreenBoxes,can be moved from one location to another and also used as mobile work sites for builders, etc.

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