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New Aussie business launches to create official marketplace for personalised number plates

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + has launched and the new Aussie business is determined to shake up the number plate market by creating an official marketplace for second-hand plates.

Co-founder and CEO, Christian Trovato is confident will become Australia’s go-to site for anyone looking to buy, sell or trade a second-hand number plate.

“Our business name alone provides us with the ideal starting point to fix a nationwide problem,” Christian said today.

“Just about everyone who buys a new car thinks about adding the final aesthetic touch to their purchase in the form of a customised number plate.  Getting the right number plate is something that everyone can relate to.

“There’s nothing more exciting and important after purchasing or building your dream car, than deciding on the plates it will wear. This is an important decision, as the plates as small as they are, draw attention and finish the overall presentation.  It’s also an opportunity to show off your personality,  add some flare with creativity and humour.

“Sure you could tell everyone that you are driving a Ferrari or a four by four, in case they missed the badges, but why not get creative?  You can blend a subtle part of your career, your identity or your disposition.  For example, if you are a poker champion, you could just use POKER, but why not show everyone why you are the champ by choosing POKR FCE?

“Maybe your new toy is your ultimate childhood dream and is the culmination of many decades of hard work, sacrifice and determination. Maybe the plates, FINALLY, DESERVD, EARNT IT, COURAGE, HRD YAKA, CONQUEUR or SO PROUD, could tell the world how you feel.  

“No matter what you choose, have fun with it, make it a reflection of your personality and your connection to the car.”

With such a high demand for that perfect plate combination, searching and acquiring has been a difficult task.  Most commonly people seek out their personalised plate to only realise it’s not available.

“The reality is that many people personalise their plates to suit their car.   People only own cars on average for seven years in Australia.  Once they sell the car, the plates are often no longer required and they sit in the garage,” Christian added.      

“Our goal is to help every car owner in Australia to make money from their un-used plates and to help vehicle owners purchase the ideal plate for their vehicle, whether it be a car, ute, truck or motorcycle.

“In many cases, a number plate is actually worth more then the vehicle.”

Victorian number plate, Vic 1, is estimated to be worth somewhere between $2 and $2.5 million.

“We want to be the official marketplace for number plates Australia wide – by being the first place people go when they want to buy, sell or trade their personalised plate,” Christian said.

The marketplace has been designed and developed to deliver a simple and intuitive user experience and also includes familiar features found on other popular online marketplaces such as  CarSales, Amazon and eBay.

“ will connect sellers with prospective buyers, much like any other online marketplace. Currently, there’s no way to really know the value of your number plates.   Quite often you can find yourself owning a very sought-after combination that may be worthless to you, but much more valuable to the buyer,” Christian said.

“You might even be in possession of the exact number plate someone else is willing to pay a lot of money for, and you wouldn’t even know.”

The Trovato brothers have high expectations for  They expect the website to make a serious impact on how Australians personalise their cars.

“ will revolutionise the number plate industry, and fundamentally change the way we personalise our cars,” Christian said.

“Hopefully will see more plates being circulated across the market, enabling more people to secure the ideal plate for their vehicle and more people being able to make money from their unused plates.” includes a range of functionality designed to make the process of buying and selling a number plate as easy as possible.   It boasts an inbuilt chat system and other features to provide a safe transaction environment for users.   Additional features and functionality are scheduled for inclusion in early 2020.   Some of these include a ‘wanted’ and number plate auction feature.


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