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New Aussie underwear company Junkmail Undies is helping all Aussies start the day right

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Junkmail Undies, a start-up Aussie underwear brand, is on a mission to help all men in Australia start the day off well – not just its customers.

Although it’s still in its early stages, the brand has acquired hundreds of customers and received a heap of 5-star comfort ratings. But Junkmail isn’t stopping there. With its flexible subscription option, it plans to put an end to the hassle of underwear shopping once and for all. Plus, every time someone signs up for a subscription, not only will they save 25% on the order, but Junkmail will donate a pair of its undies to people in Australia experiencing homelessness.

“We gave away hundreds of pairs earlier this year in Melbourne and Sydney, and I was amazed to see how well received they were” says founder, Nick Hutton. “Although a fresh pair of undies is a pretty small thing in the scheme of homelessness, it can still help give the people that need it most a nice start to the day.”

To help deliver fresh undies to people in need, Junkmail has partnered with not-for-profits Orange Sky and Pass It On Clothing. “Underwear is one of the most infrequently donated clothing items”, says Pass It On Clothing founder Chris Vagg. “Our friends on the street can go weeks or months with the same pair on, so you can understand how important it can be to get some new undies out there.”

Junkmail is an underwear brand that’s the full package – comfortable, affordable, convenient and, of course, good looking. “Comfort is obviously the number one focus for us. You want to have that amazing, soft feeling when you put them on for a few seconds, but once your pants are on, you shouldn’t notice them again.”

Hutton is dedicated to making sure Junkmail Undies ticks every box. Along with regular improvements to the product, the focus is on making the whole shopping experience easier and more personalised. “We’re continually working on improving the buying experience and everything surrounding it, from the moment people hear about us until they get their undies delivered and beyond,” he says.

Junkmail is working on a system that will allow you to track where your donated underwear is going, and who to. On top of this, Junkmail is continuing to develop the system to personalise the delivery and the fit of underwear to suit each individual. “If you’re caught short wearing underwear you can’t show off, we want to get your favourite underwear right to where you are,” Hutton mentions.

These incredibly comfy undies are a steal at only $16 per pair (or $12 if you subscribe), and the added bonus of subscribing to Junkmail means you’re helping out Aussies experiencing homelessness in a direct and meaningful way – whilst never needing to go shopping for undies again.

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