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New service launches to help Aussie businesses sell and deliver products into China

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Australia’s largest and most trusted independent ecommerce parcel and mail distribution company, AMS eGroup has just launched a groundbreaking new fully integrated parcel delivery service to China that will enable Australian businesses to export their products direct to online shoppers in China with ease. 

China is the largest online market in the world estimated to be worth over USD $499 billion in value. Nearly 700 million Chinese shop online and many utilise social media platforms such as WeChat to buy online.  Growth sectors for online shopping include health and wellbeing, with Chinese shoppers preferring to purchase Australian supplements, vitamins, baby formula, cosmetics and skin care.  

While the internet has levelled the playing field for many Australian start ups and small businesses seeking to export overseas, China has proven a difficult market to access.   Borders are tightly controlled and it can be a lengthy process to obtain the necessary approvals to sell into China. 

AMS eGroup is about to change all of this. They have just received approval from the Chinese Customs  to ship products directly into China to Chinese consumers using their innovative China Inbound Ecommerce Solution. The solution, entitled ‘eSAL’, which stands for ecommerce surface airlift, is a fully integrated platform that deals with sales, approvals, taxes, shipping, tracking and returns.   

The solution will assist Australian businesses to:

  • Register for an online selling certificate which must be displayed in their online store
  • Register their products with Chinese authorities where relevant and necessary including the China Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
  • Set up online stores in China and online sales arrangements via online platforms
  • Manage and remit any personal postal tax rates
  • Manage the parcel shipping and delivery process from end to end including returns

The new service is a game changer for Australian businesses wanting to export to China. The AMS solution is an approved customs platform which boasts partnerships with major Chinese delivery companies. The solution’s user friendly interface means Australian businesses and their customers in China can view the status of parcels in transit. Customer and delivery information is translated from English into Mandarin via SMS and email ensuring Chinese customers enjoy a good experience and are kept up to date on the status of their online purchase. 

The AMS solution also provides a return processing service ensuring two delivery attempts are made before the parcel is returned and exported to its original origin. 

“Our service will revolutionise the export sector for many Australian businesses, especially small to medium size businesses that want to sell into China cost effectively,” Co founder and Group General Manager, AMS eGroup, Nick Ledowsky, said today. 

“China’s market is huge and far outweighs the United States, the second largest e-retail market in the world, in both sales and growth.

“According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the hot areas of e-retail growth for Chinese consumers is cross border ecommerce – purchases from foreign websites.  

“There is a real opportunity for Australian businesses to ride this wave of growth across China. The Chinese love Australian goods. They see our products as being clean, high quality, well made and manufactured in well regulated environments. 

“The biggest challenge for Australian businesses is how to go about selling their products into China. Our new solution provides Australian businesses with the support they need to get their products registered for sale in China, creates the sales platforms to reach Chinese consumers and provides the end to end shipping so their products are delivered to the door-steps of Chinese buyers.

“Our new service is a turnkey solution to export into China which will revolutionise the export process for Australian businesses.”

AMS eGroup has been operating since 2002 and through its investment in proprietary technology now offers the world’s most sophisticated and progressive cloud based software called AMS E-Track which manages the whole data process of parcel shipping from start to final mile delivery keeping customers and suppliers informed the whole way. To complete the delivery cycle, it also manages the reverse logistics of managing the collection of unwanted consumer goods shipping them back to suppliers or through a controlled disposal process. 

“The main game in parcel shipping is being able to manage and track the movement of a parcel at all stages of its journey. This comes down to data and we own the best system in the world to collect and manage this data,” Nick added. 

“AMS E-Track enables us to manage the majority of Australia’s inbound parcels from overseas on behalf of some of the largest retailers in the world and deliver them direct to Australian shoppers.  We are now augmenting our technology and distribution expertise to open up new markets across the world.   

“We are excited to launch our new service eSAL which will enable Australian businesses to export their goods direct to consumers in China.    

“Global expansion of eSAL will commence early next year with the product being rolled out across the United States, Europe and the UK in the first quarter of 2019.“


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