Wednesday, July 15

Personal finance comparison fintech giants move down under

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The next big fintech has hit Australian shores and is making waves in the finance sector. Friendly Finance, an online consumer finance institution, is very quickly making a name for itself as they are sweeping the nation with a fast, free and trustworthy solution to many Australians’ financial woes.

Co-Founders of Friendly Finance, Layton Brooks and Oliver Peckham, have brought their consumer finance expertise downunder after making a huge name for themselves with various finance ventures in America and London.

The two UK-born partners have travelled the world with their expertise, setting up and working for various different financial and technological groups. They have now continued their dynamic partnership with Friendly Finance, a financial comparison website.

“We’ve explored the finance sector in both America and London over the last decade and we’ve both worked for an Operations and Sports company that utilizes certain cutting-edge technologies in its operations. So, Oliver and myself figured we might as well merge our financial and technological experiences together,” Brooks stated.

“The transition into the Australian fintech space has been an exciting one at that. After building on our experiences at Quintessential Finance Group in New York, we felt that it was time to explore a new and exciting venture on Australian soil.”

Friendly Finance provides consumers with a trusted point of reference when seeking credit online, focusing on credit cards, loans and insurance. The fintech offers clients real-time comparisons on the best deals for the credit they’re looking for. With one fast application form, a free, no-obligation loan search and the ability to translate confusing financial terminology, Friendly Finance is quickly finding its place in Australia.

Mr Peckham stated that “all we’re doing is offering a necessary and much-needed service to Australians that are in need of a friendly helping hand. After spending so many years working in financial services, we know how difficult it can be to gain access to the funds you need. We’re all about making things easier for our clients, just like a friend would do for another friend.”

Not only is Friendly Finance finding a place for itself in Australia, it has also made a huge entrance into the South African market. A force to be reckoned with, this internationally renowned fintech is offering a service that does already exist but not to this extent.

The Friendly Finance pair is shaking up the financial services industry by not only offering comparisons on financial products but also providing information, news and other helpful tools that many Australians need when looking for credit. The company is a one-stop-shop for all things finance.

It’s clear that Layton and Oliver are making waves in Australia with the Director of Brisbane-based lender, Nifty Loans, Andrew Bell commenting that “Friendly Finance is almost re-shaping the concept of lender finding in a way that offers something many Australians don’t currently have: knowledge of the lending market.”

“As a lender, we do offer our clients a full service. However, if consumers are not already familiar with Nifty or other lenders, many can feel a little in the dark when it comes to finding a lender they trust. There are also many lender finders and comparison sites that are more of just a gateway platform. Friendly Finance offers it all and with their knowledge of the international financial market, there’s not much stopping them from making it big.”

“Saving our clients time, money and stress is what we’re all about and we endeavour to continue to do this in any way we can,” Brooks added.

Friendly Finance is always working to improve their financial solutions and is very quickly working its way up to being Australia’s number one trusted source and one-stop shop for consumer finance information and knowledge.


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