Saturday, February 29

PR No Longer A Mystery With Launch of PR Shed

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Startups and entrepreneurs are missing crucial opportunities to promote their businesses, as founders don’t understand PR and the positive effect it can have on their business, are unsure of how to engage social influencers, or consider working with traditional agencies too expensive.

The Startup Muster Report found 90 per cent of startup founders don’t consider PR a skill they are strong in, yet securing media exposure is the number one area where support is needed.

Simon Thomsen, Associate Editor, Business Insider Australia said: “I receive more than 200 emails every day but rarely hear from many startups; unless they’ve already engaged a PR firm.  Often these are the people doing something different with an interesting story to tell. Don’t be afraid to get in touch to explain what you are doing and the problem you are solving.”

To give companies the confidence they need to approach the media, PR Shed has launched in Australia; offering startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs all the tools they need to do their own PR. With step-by-step guides on how to attract media attention, easy-to-use-templates and one-to-one time with industry experts, the affordable marketing solution is designed to upskill employees in public relations, which to many, still remains a mystery.

Celia Harding, PR Shed, Founder, said:

“PR isn’t rocket science.  Getting the word out there about your business is a case of identifying your story and telling it to the right people at the right time to secure publicity. Whether you’re communicating to traditional media outlets, blogs or social influencers, knowing how to create compelling content and drive conversation is invaluable.

We want to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level by harnessing the power of PR. It’s far more impactful when someone else sings your praises than when you do so yourself and the stats prove it, 85 per cent of people now trust peer recommendations over brand advertising and millennials are 247 per cent more likely to be influenced by blogs or social media content.”  


  • Education – explain to your audience the benefits of using your product or service.

  • Lead generation – when people see your brand in the media, the phone rings.

  • Credibility – independent recommendations build trust with your audience.

  • SEO – links to your website from high traffic media sites impress Google and enables your site to rise up the page rankings.

  • No shelf life – with advertising the message disappears as soon as the cash runs dry, with digital news there’s no expiry date, and exposure grows over time as other content links to the original story.

  • Attract and retain talent – raise the profile of your company and good people will follow, everyone wants to work for the best in the business.

  • Crisis management – a good PR plan isn’t just about generating positive news coverage, it’s also about avoiding and being prepared to handle any negative publicity.


  • A story – an interesting one, some ‘new’ news that the media will think their audience will be interested to hear.

  • Media release – a document clearly communicating your news story with relevant supporting information, who, what, why, where and when.

  • Photo or video content – to bring the story to life. A picture tells a thousand words.

  • Media contacts – to approach with your story. It’s vital that these are well researched so you’re not wasting time contacting people who won’t be interested in your news.

  • The pitch – why should a journalist read what you have to say and then cover it?

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