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Skillabee Connects You With Local Experts To Make Learning New Skills A Breeze

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Skillabee is a new Sydney based startup on a mission to make learning (or improving on) a new skill a breeze. In the age of online videos, courses and tutorials, Skillabee is bring back the personal touch by connecting you with experts in your local area.

The company was founded by Saad Irfani in July 2018 and has already scaled to 200+ mobile specialists who can offer lessons and services across a wide range of categories including cooking, dancing, personal training, exercise and yoga, music tuition and learning a new language. Currently the company is focused on the Sydney market with all of their specialists available within a 15km radius of the CBD.

In speaking with Startup Soda Saad outlined that the idea for Skillabee emerged when he recognised the challenges in learning a new skill or engaging a similar service provider. What Saad found was that while online marketplaces for teaching skills over the internet had seen significant growth they were all missing out on the personal touch that comes from meeting with and learning from someone in a face to face environment.

In addition to that, there were hundreds, if not thousands of skills professionals and teachers across the country who lacked a sufficient online presence or taught a skill as a “side-gig” and therefore did not have the time or resources to market themselves effectively.

The goal of Skillabee is to bring these two audiences together to provide an efficient platform where people can search for and engage with local specialists in and around their area. Since launching Saad outlined that some of the most popular services have included sports coaching, yoga, photography, makeup and learning a new language.

What this highlights is that there is a large group of people across the country who have an underappreciated skill that they can tap into to generate an additional income stream. The long term goal for Skillabee is awaken this audience and make it easy for anyone to teach a skill or provide a service that they have developed.

With new service providers signing up each week and an increase increase in the skills available on the platform Saad has outlined national expansion as one of his key priorities in the coming months. First step in achieving that goal is to further build out their exposure in Sydney before looking to other major cities such as Melbourne or Brisbane as the next logical stepping stones.

To learn more about Skillabee you can visit their website here.


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