Monday, August 10

Startup Soda Interviews Jason Calacanis (Full Audio Podcast/Interview)

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Last week I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Jason Calacanis, one of the world’s best known and most successful Angel Investors, with six Unicorns already under his belt.

While this is a fairly short (~40 minute) interview it is certainly wide ranging. Jason talks about why he is now investing slightly later stage that when he first started, why he chose Sydney for the Launch Festival, what it will take for Australia to grow as a startup ecosystem and what a startup needs to do/show in order for Jason to commit to investing.

Jason also shares his thoughts on a number of up and coming startups in his portfolio, startups that he thinks can add to his tally of six Unicorns.

P.S. I’ve never actually recorded a podcast or interviewed someone live. So it was a first for me. While I’m a little rough around the edges Jason certainly nails his parts so I hope you enjoy listening.

You can listen to the audio below or view the audio via Youtube as well.



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Paul Towers is a passionate supporter of the Australian startup ecosystem and the Founder of Startup Soda. Originally, Startup Soda was solely a newsletter that helped curate the best content from the Australian startup community, more recently however it has turned into a media platform with the aim of improving coverage of Australian Startups, Founders and VC's.

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