Monday, September 21

StartupAUS Welcomes Continuation of Global Talent Visa Scheme

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The Federal Government has confirmed the continuation of the Global Talent Scheme, now titled the Global Talent – Employers Sponsored program (GTES), which is designed to attract more world-class talent to Australia’s burgeoning startup ecosystem. 

StartupAUS, Australia’s peak advocacy group for startups, welcomed the announcement.

Alex McCauley, CEO of StartupAUS said, “This is solid policy and the continuation of the scheme is a sign that the government is listening to startups and the recommendations we have been putting forward. This program provides a really valuable path to high quality visas for startups all over the country. Now that the pilot is over we’d like to see more companies signing up to take advantage of it.”

“In our flagship analysis of the startup sector, Crossroads, we identify that improving access to talent is a multi-stage process. In the immediate term, ready access to high quality visas is critical to unlocking growth potential of startups. Many of these in-demand roles are at the cutting edge of technology, and are in low supply globally.” 

McCauley added, “These visas not only unlock financial success for startups, but open up a myriad of other jobs and roles for Australians. The ability to place the right highly-skilled person in an Australian startup allows that business to grow and add many more local jobs, including in more traditional roles such as sales, marketing and finance.  In September StartupAUS will release the national Talent Report which will look at the breakdown of job creation that startups are supporting, among other critical insights.” 

StartupAUS has been directly involved in the GTES visa development, Chairing the Startup Authority Panel and participating in a working group of industry stakeholders.

McCauley said, “Although the scheme took some time to build momentum, we are pleased the government recognised the sector’s ongoing need here. I expect the program will continue to grow and become part of the standard toolbox for Australian startup founders when recruiting talent.’


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