Tuesday, September 22

Stickstone Aims To Change The Way You Design & Buy A Home You Look To Build

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There is increasing demand to find design solutions that will help achieve the goal of high quality, affordable housing that is up to code. While NSW boasts individual standard homes and strata-titled apartments, there is a gap that overlooks other types of homes that are needed as the population grows and shifts.

While Stickstone currently focuses on just single-dwelling houses, it offers a great proposal for how to eventually go about developing multi-dwelling projects. Stickstone, created by three architects, is a website that allows customers to completely customize their new abode online. Using a set of design models, clients can enjoy crafting their home with real-time cost updates, and eventually a local builder’s quote, before putting down a deposit and having their digital plans become a physical reality.

It is nearly impossible to discuss the future of development without associating it with proptech – the fact that technology and innovation is seeping into real estate and changing the way communities are built. Society is constantly stressing that things become even faster and more automated than before, all while keeping costs manageable. So it comes as no surprise that the approach for upcoming construction projects will rely on affordable digital platforms via at-home devices.

Through Stickstone, sustainability and design are placed at the forefront of property planning. Ideas are suggested based on what will best fit a site’s boundary dimensions and optimize the solar orientation. This is invaluable, as the layout of a home plays a large role in influencing its occupant’s lifestyle. For example, when laying out a building scheme, if the existing resources – such as natural light – are considered, proposals capitalize on their potential. Not only are individuals happier with their living spaces, but also overall communities can offer more to a wider range of inhabitants through better access to local businesses and facilities.

And, now that multi-dwelling homes no longer have to be approved by local councils, but instead can quickly be authorized through private certifiers, the window is wide open for platforms like Stickstone.

In NSW where the home buying population encompasses a mix of people, from young growing families to older couples, there is a large market for properties that offer affordable accommodations that don’t skimp on quality. Creative input is more than welcome, as people come together to utilize existing spaces and strategically arrange plots to meld together the familiarity of tradition with the future of technology.

The future of housing in NSW is in multi-dwelling properties that sustain the present community’s diversity. And the need to execute this goal is fast approaching, which only further justifies the need for assistance from seamless technologies to help get plans rolling out swiftly. Who knew the solution to the housing gap could be resolved from virtually anywhere with a wifi connection?

Stickstone was a recent finalist in the University of Sydney’s Premier $25,000 startup competition; Genesis. The next round is now open: sydney.edu.au/business/genesis

Written by: Alannah Paren


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