Wednesday, July 15

TaskHub, A Marketplace Serving the Gig-Economy Community

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Taskhub is an online marketplace that aims to make it easy to hire an expert, at any time and anywhere.

The company was founded by Keedan and Callum Punch and started life as a humble side-project. Since then it has morphed into an ambitious startup that aims to challenge the monopoly of existing players such as Airtasker.

Speaking with Startup Soda, Callum outlined that Taskhub is now gearing up for its public launch and has seen the number of subscribers on the platform grow week-on-week.

Even with such a strong showing Taskhub isn’t resting and aims to give their pre-launch subscriber numbers another boost with a shout out to people to join their beta program. If you are interested you can join here.

Reflecting on competition and why they chose to build a marketplace for gig-economy workers, Callum highlighted that it is “the monopoly of current competitors that is the driving force behind Taskhub.” He went on to say that “we have a goal of introducing a direct alternative to Airtasker and other similar platforms. To do that we have actively involved the community in the process of building and designing the service”

Keedan then added that “We are absolutely driven by the vision of the community that have engaged Taskhub. We’ve facilitated for a community voice by way of introducing a feature-voting service within the site. Our users can publish their ideas, and other users can support these via upvoting and can hold discussions on any published feature request or idea”.

To stand out in this competitive industry the duo discussed how a monopoly in any industry is a terrible circumstance. Their belief, articulated by Callum, is that “Competition allows for existing monopolies to reconsider their business ideals, and pushes for the inclusion of the community to which it serves. Whilst we do have to make ends meet, financially, Taskhub will strive to maintain fairness, affordability and inclusion. The community will always shape what we are and how we operate”.

To meet the high standards they have set themselves and to ensure that Taskhub supports the community of workers in the gig-economy they have build a number of features to differentiate them from existing players in the industry.

In particular, Taskhub aim to charge a capped 8% commission structure, provide personal Taskhub debit cards, live chat support and faster payments – and in some circumstances, instant.

With their upcoming launch Taskhub first plan to open up the platform to existing subscribers to trial the functionality and provide feedback. Following this the team will be releasing the site to the public, alongside a mobile app.

To find out more about Taskhub and their plans for the future of the gig economy you can visit their website here.


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