Saturday, October 31

Two Australians Launch Startup ‘Bitcon’ Card Game To Lose Money

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Brando and Sam are two Entrepreneurs from Sydney, Australia, who decided to turn the Bitcoin crazy into a new venture. No they didn’t launch a new cryptocurrency. Nor a startup built on the blockchain. Instead, they went with something a little bit more old fashioned! They decided to launch a card game.

Welcome to “Bitcon”, A card game for people that want to experience the rollercoaster-like thrills of investing in Bitcoin without losing everything. The game is easy to play, even if you haven’t sunk any of your real money into Bitcoin, and starts off with each player being dealt five cards.

From there each successive player has to play a card. The card they play from their original five has to move in the same direction as the prevailing market. I.e. if the market is going up and bitcoin is at $10k, then you must play a card that is $10k or higher.

If you find yourself in the unfortunately position where you cannot play a card that is higher/lower (depending on the current direction of the market) or equal to the current value of bitcoin then you are forced to pick up the entire pile of cards.

There are however a few other cards thrown in for good measure. Two critical ones are “reverse the market” and “cash out”. As you have probably noticed in the real world, timing is everything with bitcoin. If you can time your hand right then you can “cash out” your bitcoin at the top of the market as secure a dominant position in the game.

Finally, there are three “pop” cards in the deck. If you or your team mates draw one of these then it’s game over! The market has crashed and its time to count how much bitcoin you had failed to cash out. The person with the least bitcoin in their wallet is crowned the winner. They had the good fortune (or foresight) to cash out before the market peaked and you soon be picking up a new Lamborghini.

For everyone else, it’s okay, the market is just flushing out the weak hands. It will go up again…. soon…. I hope….. maybe not???? Maybe you should look at Etherium instead???? God damnit…. why didn’t I listen to my mum and sell……

If you would like to get in on the “bitcon” game then Brando and Sam are hitting up Kickstarter for some real money to get the game live. Check out the campaign here where for just $15 buck you can grab a copy for yourself.


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